Aid The Needy Kenya


Education, including education in Emergencies

We provide support to strengthen weak learning institutions especially primary schools by supporting putting up infrastructures and empowering children with special needs to access basic education. Our focus also lies in job creation where we work with various partners to provide vocational training.

Kenya has faced episodes of political instability, tribal clashes, cattle rustling, seasonal flooding among other shocks including conflict. According to the education cluster assessments (2017, 2018) these factors have resulted in…many children dropping out of school after losing their parents.

The instabilities always results into movement of people from one place to another leaving behind their factors of production such as land and other property. Many areas of the Community are still marginalized. Government’s efforts to provide basic education for the poor and the focus on menstrual health has been plague by Corruption where sanitary pads have found their way into shops. 

Aid The Needy Kenya has worked towards emancipation of girls by targeting the well-being of their parents and care givers. with our partners, we have provided entrepreneurial capacity building and resources aimed at giving women capital and means to establish various small businesses to generate income.

Our Organization has also linked girls who are likely to drop out of school but are promising in academic achievements, to other institutions where they are giving opportunity of sponsorship and support. recent cases has been our collaboration with St. Joseph’s Nyabondo Mission Hospital that has seen 5 girls complete their diplomas in various medical fields and are working to support their families. we are in discussion with a partner to provide a permanent solution towards health issues affecting girls and in this regard we are having plans to have our own mini-factory manufacturing sanitary towels to make it affordable and reach out to those who cannot get a funds to spare for the girls to access sanitary towels. 

Training of young women and girls by their elder peers in various fields to motivate them is a key comment of changing their world. having motivation and seeing the world as having opportunities and believing in themselves is critical to enable these young people grow and thrive. We are working with peer educators on these. Challenges of early marriages followed by burden of having many children at younger age can only be mitigated through education and work of peer educators.