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Food and Nutritional Security

Food and Nutritional Security

Homa Bay County has diverse climatic conditions that call for unique approaches to farming. The community relies mainly on small scale farming activities while those around Lake Victoria relies on fishing.

Most of the region lying along the Lake is dry and hardly supports food production hence [perennial food shortages are witnessed. With support from our partner, we are carrying out small-scale irrigation activities that support smallholder farmers not to over-rely on rain-fed agriculture. These farmers are using solar operated water pumps to produce food

A major result of the incessant conflict is that; high rates of food insecurity are prevalent in Kenya’s rural farming population, with some areas reporting a reccurent cycle of crop failires due to climate change. Aid The Needy Kenya is working with partners and well-wishers to provide the community with coping mechanisms. key among them is alternative food production system where rainfall is a key factor. We are now working towards using green energy for small-scale irrigation by clustering farmers to focus on particular crops in alteration ways. 

With solar irrigation kits, the farmers can produce food through out the year without relying on the erratic rainfall. Most of the small holder farmers loose a lot to the elements as they have post harvesting storage. We are working and seeking partners who can help farmers get cooling systems mainly using solar to save fish mongers from loosing their harvest and those with fruits to add value by extracting juice that can last longer. our focus that we seek partner is on training of the small-holder farmers on new approaches to farming or agronomic to ensure with small land parcels they can produce enough by use of high yielding seeds and tubers. these will be achieved by having community demo farms and and seed banks.