Aid The Needy Kenya



Provision of basic healthcare, with prevention as a key component has been our area of operation where we partner with community-based health faculties. We have partnered with International organizations to provide solutions to the health needs of the communities we serve.

Capacity building for essential Healthcare workers took a center stage last year when we trained local health workers with the support of skilled personnel form Tallaght University Dublin, Ireland. The Emergency Department team came in with all needed training items and 121 young people got training on the handling of emergency cases. We have also reduced risks of maternal and child deaths by proving solutions to lighting systems for health centers through partnership with We Care Solar, a charity that has developed a reliable solar lighting system to provide alternative lighting to the health centers.

The challenges of cervical cancer have been given attention. With a strong partnership with PINCC, an American Foundation that trains, empowers, and does the screening of Cervical cancer. We have prevented many deaths and enabled our local health workers to have the capacity to detect and provide care and support for the Cervical Cancer Victims. With the support of the Archbishop of Homa-Bay Diocese, we are working on a partnership with Aid and Assistance, a foundation under the Order of Malta Switzerland to avail hospital beds and medical equipment to three Mission Hospitals.

Community Healthcare services and support is crucial for reducing the high mortality rates of the mothers and children. Adolescence health is increasingly becoming a challenge to most of the society where silence and lack of proper communication takes place between young people and e the old. many young people learn through experience on matters sexuality and adolescent health,a costly affair, we seek to work with partners towards provision of information and skills to the girls to keep them safe and help in their growth both socially and spiritually. 

We have worked with our partners PINCC USA to train our local healthcare workers to handle and detect cervical cancer at early stages to reduce mortality of young women. we also are partnering with We Care Solar, US based International Organization that focus on provision of solar lighting system that is saving lives in small health facilities in a Africa . we provided lighting for Atela Community Health Center